football player – Commuters suffer in heavy gridlock on Airport Road

Commuters have been enduring severe traffic jams on roads leading to the capital’s Airport Road since last night, ahead of the Bishwa Ijtema starting tomorrow. 

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Social media users complained that they missed important appointments and were several hours late to work due to the congestion. Regular commuters on the route were in the dark about the reason behind the situation.

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Kazi Shahan Haque, officer-in-charge of Khilkhet Police Station said the traffic jam was causing hardship for commuters since early morning as Ijtema-bound devotees started pouring into the Tongi venue. 

“The vehicles got stuck in the Tongi venue area which is creating a long tailback,” he said. 

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The traffic jam stretched to Mohakhali from Tongi, police officials said.  

Witnesses said many Dhaka airport bound passengers had to leave their vehicles due to jam and walk for several kilometres with their luggage.

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Mashiur Rahman, a private job holder in Uttara, said he started from Dhanmondi by bus at 7:30 am but couldn’t go past Mohakhali till 10:15.

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